Heart Attacks

For my research, I did heart attacks. A heart attack is when you cannot control your heart and it either beats too fast or beats too slow. Muscles in your heart cause pain of angina, in your chest. The symptons that heart attacks have, are physical collapse, sweating, several pain in your chest, back, neck, and arms. Also, you get shortness in breath, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. The people it affects often, are men who get migranes or headaches a lot. Usually kids don't get heart attacks, but older adults can often get a heart attack. If you want to try to prevent getting a heart attack, you can take small dose of asprin in your daily life. That prevents a clot that has begun in your body and cuts blood supply to some heart muscles. Also, you can excercise daily, avoid smoking, and have a healthy diet. If you do get a heart attack, you can try to reveal the pain by injecting morphine into your body, take certain types of drugs if your heart beat is going to slow, or take in better oxygen. Treatment should be givin right away. Some risk factors of getting heart attacks, are tobacco smoking, alcohol, high cholesteral, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Also, you should know about your family history. To lesson the effects on gettin heart attacks, you can eat healthy, exercise daily, and also avoid smoking.