Osteoporosis is a disease that makes your bones to break from even minor accidents.
Symptoms & How to Prevent it

It is possible not to have any symptoms. Some symptoms are, bone pain and back ache, loss of height bent spine, and bones breaking. It is possible to prevent osteoporisis by excersizing, eating healthy, helthy diet, dont smoke, dont drink alcohol, and make sure your calcium isnt low.

Risk Factors

Some risk factors of getting osteoporosis is being female, not excersizing, have asian or caucasion race, family history, weighing under 127 pounds, alcohol abuse, smoking tabacco, and low calcium. When someone is growing, there bones are getting stronger by the foods they eat. Calcium is what helps bones get bigger and stronger. If you dont have enough calcium in your bones they will start to break and get weaker, causing osteoporosis. People should get atleast one hourof excersie a day. Excersize also helps make your b ones stronger and healthier. Adults should also do strength building activites to keep your bones strong.

People it Affects

Some people osteoporosis affects are, people aging, middle aged, but osteoporosis is more likley for older people to get beacause most older people dont get the recommended amount of excersize a day.


A treatment for osteoporosis is a drug called alendronate. It can help build bones and make them stronger and healthier.