Arthritis is a Chronic Disease. Arthritis means "inflamed joint." Inflamation is a condition that can cause swelling, redness, pain, stiffness, and warmth. Arthritis occurs in a human's bones and joints. The primary people that Arthritis affects are people who are advancing age, people who sit around all day and aren't active, people who have another disease that can cause arthritis, and when dengenerative changes develop in cartilage...especially women. Some ways to prevent Arthritis are be active, keep yourself clean, eat a healthly diet, and don't crack your knuckles, neck, back, etc. A few ways to treat Arthritis are Aspirin, gold salts, draining out infected fluids with a needle, surgery, NSAIDs, and some drugs to help cancer with the immune system. Different types of Arthritis are Infectious Arthritis, Gout and Pseudogout, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reiter's Symndrome, Lupus, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The most common risk factors for this disease arre smoking, not being active, infection, not keeping a good diet, and cracking knuckles, back, neck, etc. How people can manage Arthritis or things they can do to lessen the effects are eating a good diet and take certain drugs to lessen the pain. This is only some information about Arthritis, there is a lot more to know and find out, but this is only the basic and main information about this Chronic Diseas called Arthritis.