Allergies are unsual immune system reactions to things in the world around us. Allergies are usually harmless, yet annoying to most people, but it can be a serious problem.

The reaction to alleriges are swollen lips, stomache upsets, diarrhea, rash, sneazing, watery eyes, itching nose, etc. As you can see, these reactions are mild, but they can be very bothersome. Although they could also give a person a asthma attack. It could also be hard to swallow or even breathe.

People it Affects
Allergies can affect a boy or a girl, old or young. It can run in the family, or being expose to the outdoors a lot.

Try and stay away from certain foods that you might be allergic to, such as nuts, diary, fur, certain shots, insect bites, exclusive breast-feeding, etc. there are also some pills, or nasal spray that can prevent some of the allergies, they can't cure it, but it can help make your life a little bit easier.

Even though there are no treatments that are premanent, there are some that help make life eaiser for the people who have it. Such as drugs such as antihis tamines, steroids. There are different shots for different allergies, but you have to be careful if you are one that is allergic to the chemical in the drug.

Different Types
There are different types of allergies such as skin, eye, ears, nose, food, insect, hay, pollen, etc. The skin allergy has three common forms that affects skin. The first one is eczema and it's mostly found in children. It appears like a rash, or scaly skin on the face, hands, and neck. the second one is dermatitis, which is caused by metal jewelry or in detergents. It may look blistery and itches. The third one is urticaria, also called hives. It is a red swelling on the skin that has a white point in the middle that makes it look like a nettle sting. The eye allergy is usually in the white part of your eye, and causes a redness. The ear is when the fluid comes in contact with the allergens and builds up inside the ear, it may effect your hearings. The nose is when you have trouble breathing, and sniffle a lot, and the nose might turn a bit red in swelling. Some people are allergic to certain foods such as diary, wheat, nuts, etc., and could get diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting, rash, swelling, asthma attacks, etc. and the same goes for the insect bites, hay, and pollen.

Risk Fators
The risk fators for allergies are genetic, environment, pollen, diery, pets, nuts, or insect bites can cause the symptoms above.