By:Brooke Morris

Symtoms- Stroke is damage of the brain with a blockae in the blood flow. Without blood, sections of the brain tissue quickly die, or shut down. It can aslo affect any part of the body.

People it affects- Strokes can affect many people, but there are three common ones that affect peolpe the most. Diabetes is one kind of a disease, that can cause strokes to accour. Also, strokes affect older people, because of their age and their blood pressure lowering. Strokes also affect people with heart disease, because of their blood pressure, and how they act.

Prevention- Some ways to prevent strokes are to not smoke and to try to keep an average blood pressure.

Treatment- Msny tests can be performed for a stroke like X-rays, angiograohy, and computed tomography.

Different types- There are two different types of strokes, which are Ischemic and Hemorphagic.

Risk Factors- some risk factors for a stroke are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and smoking.

How can people manage their condition- People can manage their condition by stop smoking keep an average blood pressure, and exercise to have a healthy diet and weight. Also, if you have a stroke call 911 right away for help.