Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is when you have the feeling of tiredness or exhaustion. There are eight symptoms that are possible to get. Usually you will get four of the eight. The symptoms are post-exertional relapse, post-exertional malaise, unrefreshing sleep, impaired memory or concetration, muscle pain, multi-joint pain, headache, tender lymph nodes and sore throat.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mostly affects women and people between the ages of 40 and 59 years old. African Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians all have the same chance of getting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There is no prevention for Chronic fatigue syndrome.
Some of the treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are reducing stress level, dietary restrictions, gentle stretching and nutritional supplementation. Full recovery from CFS is very rare. There is only one type of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. People of every age, gender and ethnicity can get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Its very hard to manage but some people feel like it is good to exercise a little bit a couple times a week. Also you can make sure you get a full 8 hours of sleep each night.