‚ÄčDeafness or Hearing Impairment-Amanda Buchek

Deafness: Defness is an inability or reduced ability to hear.

If you start to not understand or hear other people.

Different Types of deafness:
The only two kinds of deafness are congenital and acquired deafness. Congenital deafness is when sound waves can't reach the inner ear. This is because there is wax in the outer canal, fluid inside it, or the tiny bones in the ear have became bigger (otosclerosis). Acquired deafness is when sound can reach the inside of your ear. But, damage to the hair cell prevents the full conversion to nerve impulses.

What type of people are the primary affects:
You can get congenital deafness if it is in your genes and if you have family history. Men and younger people are at higher risk.

Prevention stratigies:

  • Turn down music when it is loud. Examples: Your radio or MP3 player.
  • Stay away from loud sounds as much as possible. Examples: Fireworks.
  • Take good care of your ears.
  • When you are young or if you are a male, than take care of your ears especially.
  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Comman Treatments:
Depending on how bad or what kind of deafness, makes the treatment different. Most forms of aquired hearing loss is treated with surgery.If you have normal hearing loss, your hearing can be restored. Congenital hearing loss can be treated with surgery also. One of the most commen treatments is a hearing aid. Hearing aids are little machines that make soft sounds louder.If you have a hearing aid, it would be set to indivisualy help you. Cochlear implants help with severe hearing loss or deafness. You get a cochler implant when a hearing aid does not help. These are electronic devices that restore partial hearing when surgically implanted in the inner ear. This device is worn on the outside of the ear.

Risk Factors:
If you are exposed to toxic drugs and trauma you have a risk for congenital deafness. Exposure to toxic drugs in the first twelve weeks of a pregnancy can damage the baby's ear. Also, exposure to loud music and sounds. Some major risk factors of aquired deafness are; day care attendance, young age, male gender, exposure to cigarette smoke, immunodeficiency, cleft palate, and certain syndromes. For all deafness, most forms are caused by carelessness.

How you can manage Deafness and Hearing Impairment:
You can manage deafness and hearing impairment by sign laungage. Sign laungage helps deaf people communicate with other people. If you know someone who is deaf than you could use sign laungage to talk to them so they can understand you.

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