Diabetes-Diabetes prevent the body's cells from using food properly in some people

Symptoms- people with diabetes may not have symptoms

People it affects-People who are more likely to get type 2 diabetes are children and young adults. People more likely to get typ2 are obesity people and if you are phisical inactiviy.

Prevention-If you have diabetes you can go to a Diabetes provention program to prevent from having diabetes

Treatment-Teatments for type 2 diabetes are followining a healthy meal plan, exersize, and take medication, There are no treatments for type 1 diabetes.

Different types- The most commen types of diabetes type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Risk Factors-Type 1 risk factors are genetic and envirmental factors. Type 2 ones are mostly begin when the insulin resistance( when the cell cant use insulin properly).

How people can manage this condision-You can get the h1n1 flu shot, Also you can eat health meals reaguarly, and take medications for your type of diabetes.You should talk to your doctor first before taking the medications.