Chronic Health Conditions
7th Grade Encyclopedia Project
Mrs. McCusker

Directions: Research in the library an approved chronic condition. Students will write a one-page report on the condition. The report will be an entry in our class Encyclopedia of Chronic Diseases.

Your report must include the following information:
  1. The name of the condition
  2. Symptoms of the condition
  3. What type of people it primarily affects
  4. Prevention Strategies
  5. Common Treatments
  6. Are there different types of the disease
  7. Risk factors for the disease

You may use your book, but you must also cite at least TWO ADDITIONAL SOURCES!!
One must be a website, one must be a book or a periodical (newspaper or magazine). Be sure to cite all additional sources as well. Follow citing guidelines.

No more than 2 students per topic. The topics are as follows:

Allergies Osteoporosis
Asthma Obesity
Arthritis Sickle-cell Anemia
Blindness or Visual Impairment Lupus
Cerebral Palsy Stroke
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Bronchitis
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary (airway) disorder: COPD
Deafness or Hearing Impairment
Heart Attacks
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Multiple Sclerosis

Chronic Health Conditions
7th Grade Encyclopedia Project

These are helpful websites Center for Disease Control World Health Organization

Marshall Cavendish databases Found on GVMS Library website

You may also use Power Library
  • Go to the power library icon
  • Use Facts for Learning or Oxford Reference

When you are gathering information from online, be sure to copy and paste into word before you print. Please cite the website where you gathered your information. You must get permission from Mrs. Kennedy or Mrs. McCusker before printing.

Your final copy should be a summary of the information you have found. You should not copy the information and simply paste it into your document. You must put the information into your own words!! If you fail to do so, it will lower your grade.

Picture Use:
  • You may use pictures
  • Pictures must be entered when your entry is completed, do research first.

Project Due Date: