Arthritis is a Chronic Disease that occurs in a human's joints and/or bones. It can cause distortion to a person's bones and possibly other diseases.
People it Affects
-People who are advancing in age
-When dengenerative changes develop in cartilage (especially women)
-People who aren't active
-People who don't eat a healthy diet
-People who crack their knuckles, back, neck, etc.
-Be physically active
-Eat a nutricious and healthy diet
-Don't crack your knuckles, neck, back, etc.
-Aspirin can help relieve some of the symptoms. Some kinds of Aspirin are called "arthritis strength" because this has an extra dossage and works a lot stronger.
-Draining out infected fluid with a needle. This is pretty self explanatory, in some cases Arthritis can cause infections in body fluids. This may also cause some of these symptoms. So doctors or suregeons drain out the fluid that has been infected to get rid of any bacteria.
-NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents), which help improve joint function and ability.
Different Types
-Juvenile Rhemuatoid
Risk Factors
-Not being active
-Not keeping a good diet
-Cracking knuckles, back, neck, etc.
Things People Can Do to lessen the Effects of Arthritis
-Take special drugs to fight inflammation (NSAID's)
-Don't smoke
-Try to avoid car accidents
-Keep clean to avoid infections
-Eat a healthy diet