Pseudotumor Cerebri

By: Ryan Carruthers


Pseudotumor Cerebri Definition
A Process Affecting The Brain That Appears To Be-But Is Not-A Tumor, It Is Often Reversible
Symptoms Include:
Headache, Buzzing Sound In The Ears, Dizziness, Nausea, Double Vision, Partail Or Complete Loss Of Vision.

People It Affects:
The Most Common Is Overweight Girls From Age 44 Down, Or Anyone Overweight.

Weight Control, Normal Eye Examinations, Early Diagnosis And Treatment

Treatment Include Weight Loss, Opthomology Exams, Fluid Or Salt Restrictions, Shunting Procedures, Surgery To Relieve Pressure On The Optic Nerve Or Spinal Taps To Reilieve Pressure Inside The Brain.

Risk Factors
Obesity, Medications Such As Lithium,Oral Contraceptives,Tetracycline,Steroids,Excessive Vitamin A,Health Prblems Such As Head injury,Kidney Disease,Lupus,Lyme Disease

Management Of Pseudotumor Cerebri
What You Can Do To Manage The Disease Or Lessen The Affect Are Spinal Taps To Releave The Pressure In The Head, Medication, Or Surgery And Stunting.
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