The name of the condition is lupus and it can distroy organ tissue.

The signs and symtoms consist of the following: Rashes on the face and or the body, hair loss, swollen joints, and sores in mouth.

This condition usually affects young woman.

Some preventions are less sun exposure, refraning from smoke, and taking medications as proscribed.

There are two types of Lupus one is non-orgain threatining disease (NOTD) and two is orgain threatining disease (OTD).

NOTD consists of achiness, fatigue, pain in taking deep breaths, fever, swollen glands, rashes, and swollen joints.

OTD can invole the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and blood and this affects about 35 percent of lupus patients, this is the most dangeres type of lupus.
Lupus can come in many diffrent forms that are very dangerous so use this info to protect your self agenst lupus thank you , good bye.