By: Courtney Snyderman
My Condition:
My condition is Epilepsy-" a disorder in which sudden bursts that somtimes occur in electricity that is present with the brain, and that allows the brain to fuction properly. FINISH THIS ASAP !!

The symtoms of my chronic disease is: -abnormal body movements, or problems with coordination
-making sounds, or crying out
-stiffening muscles for a small amount of seconds
-experiecnce rythmic movements with your arms and legs
-jerking, lipsmaking, and staring blankly
People it affects:
This disease affects all sorts of people, everyday 150,000 people are diagonesed with it. Also, both men and women, age groups and races are affected, from all parts of the world.

The treatment for Epilepsy is drugs which are, AEDs~ antiepileptic drugs

Different types:
The types of Epilepsy:
Idiopathic~ unnone cause
Syptomatic~ genectic cause

Risk Factors:
Epilesy cannot always be idenified, but it can be from tumors, infections,or damage in brain.

How can people manage their condition:
The best way for most people is to use meds such as AEDs

Epilepsy comes sometimes from hitting your head so you can prvent your risk by wear a selt belt, a helmet when riding a bike or some sort, such as skating, horsebackriding, skiing, or going on a motorized vehicle.